Wednesday, 15 February 2017

RESULTS: What type of Brexit do you want?
An r/ukpolitics survey

Firstly sorry for having to host this on an external page, for some reason I wasn't able to post directly on r/ukpolitics and when I did it was removed without explanation, so I set this blog site up just for these results.

I got just over 200 results, which isn't bad, but it's not really good enough to take too much from, nevertheless thanks to everyone who submitted answers! I got some really interesting results.

I'll split the results into 3 parts, firstly the breakdown of each questions answers, secondly how each demographic answered the questions, and finally I'll post some of my favourite written answers.

Part 1:

Some interesting things to note from these first three results, firstly people seem to like the idea of the EEA more than the Customs Union, which makes sense because the Customs Union is the part of the EU that stops us from negotiating our own trade deals, as well as having to charge a tariff on any nation wishing to trade with the bloc as a whole, the EEA's downside is free movement of people, which I know very few remainers would have issue with, which is I imagine why it's so close. The Council of Europe question was probably the one I was most looking forward to, I nearly didn't provide wiki links, but I thought it best to give people the opportunity to look these things up, as I suspected most leave voters said no to this, even though it was the UK that practically set the whole thing up, it's bigger than the EU and doesn't produce laws or anything binding infact, so make of that what you will.

First thing that sticks out at me here is the 11% of people that don't believe we'll leave the EU. I admit my wording here wasn't great, which is why I added the parenthesised bit halfway through, so some of those 11% could be people who just didn't 'want' to leave, when that's not really what I mean't. A majority of people wanted sometime in 2019 or later, but still large chunks wanted 2017 or 2018. Single market access was hugely split depending on which way you voted (this info in part 2). The vast majority of people agree with the governments approach to laws and again the priority for negotiation was split depending on how people voted, although I did get a few written answers which said something along the lines of 'No Brexit', 'Integrate more into federal state', etc.

Now for the demographics:

I'm glad I could get a decent spread of voters based on both EU referendum votes, votes in the GE and regions of the UK, obviously the age and gender is very skewed towards young people and men, I thought about weighting but decided that would be too much effort. The most striking thing here is the difference in voting intentions from 2015 to now, and mainly how it has affected Labour, I mean, wow. Not to mention a decent surge for the Lib Dems, and a boost for the Tories. I also happened to notice a large amount of people who said they couldn't vote in 2015 who said they'd vote for the Tories, which I was slightly surprised at.

Part 2:

Now we've gotten the basics out of the way, I complied the data into two sheets which split each of the EU questions up into how each demographic voted, the first sheet is the results in pure numbers, and the second has it in percentages

There's a lot of data here and it would take me forever to highlight anything, so I'll leave you to spot interesting trends, I will say that I find the regional results the most interesting, mainly because they're not quite what you might expect.

Part 3:

Finally I'll post a list of a few summary answers and entertaining answers I read for the open text questions:

Are there any other parts of EU membership that you wish to keep?
  • Everything here was mainly 'All of it'
  • Or 'None of it'
  • And 'Female Romanian students '

Do you have anything else to say about what type of Brexit you want?

  • I'd like david davis to tw*t guy verhofstadt on the nose
  • no forrins
  • Duck based brexit
  • Ban all Brussels Sprouts.
  • I want a non brexit. f*ck May
  • There were a lot of hard jokes, as well as many which still said no brexit at all, and finally of course:
  • Red, White, and Blue please 🍺 🇬🇧


If you made it this far then well done, if you're looking for a TL;DR then just expand all the pictures and don't listen to my ramblings. I've left the survey open for submissions so if you missed out on contributing then feel free to take it! If I get significant amounts of new submissions then I'll post an updated results thread. Otherwise that's it. Merry Brexit to all.

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